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Pizza - Calzone
  • Πίτσα Μαργαρίτα
    Pizza Margherita

    with tomato sauce, cheese, tomato & basil

  • Πίτσα Ζαμπόν & Μπεϊκον
    Pizza Ham & Bacon

    with tomato sauce, cheese, ham & bacon

  • Πίτσα Φούτζι
    Pizza Fudji

    with tomato sauce, cheese & mushrooms

  • Πίτσα Βετζετέριαν
    Pizza Vegetarian

    with tomato sauce, cheese & mixed grilled vegatables

  • Πίτσα Χωριάτικη
    Pizza Greek

    with tomato sauce, cheese, mushrooms, pepper, onion, feta cheese & olives

  • Πίτσα Σπέσιαλ
    Pizza Special

    with tomato sauce, cheese, ham, bacon, pepper, mushrooms & tomato

  • Πίτσα Καρμπονάρα
    Pizza Carbonara

    with milk cream,cheese, ham, bacon & mushrooms

  • Πίτσα Θαλασσινών
    Pizza Seafood

    with tomato sauce, cheese & mixed seafood

  • Πίτσα Μέ Τόνο
    Pizza Tuna

    with tomato sauce, cheese, tuna, onion & thyme

  • Πίτσα Προσούτο
    Pizza Prosciutto

    with tomato sauce, prosciutto, cherry tomatoes, rocket, olive oil & kephalotyri

  • Πίτσα Αντζούγιες
    Pizza Anchovies

    with tomato sauce, cheese, anchovies, capers & olives

  • Πίτσα Ανανάς
    Pizza Pineapple

    with tomato sauce, cheese, ham & pineapple

  • Πίτσα Ταμπάσκο
    Pizza Tabasco

    with tomato sauce, cheese, black sausage, onion, bacon, tomato & feta cheese with spicy sauce

  • Πίτσα Κοτόπουλο
    Pizza Chicken

    with tomato sauce, cheese, chicken, mushrooms, tomato & parmesan

  • Πίτσα Φορμάτζο
    Pizza Formaggio

    with tomato sauce & mixed cheeses

  • Πίτσα Πεπερόνι
    Pizza Pepperoni

    with tomato sauce, cheese & pepperoni

  • Πίτσα Γύρος
    Pizza Gyros

    with tomato, onion, pepper & pork gyros

  • Πίτσα Μπρούκλιν
    Pizza Bruklin

    with ham, bacon, mushrooms & minced meat

  • Καλτσόνε μπανανα-σοκολατα
    Calzone banana-chocolate